First goal out of 50 achieved: ZIPLINING!

Well, I finally did it: I went ziplining!

I’ve always wanted to do this. And to be honest with you, I always thought it would be somewhere tropical, cause that’s what most people do. But then I discovered ziplining in the mountains, about 20 minutes outside of Vegas.

Are you SHITTING ME? Desert landscape, achieving a goal, buffets AND penny slots??

I went to Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon, in Boulder City. Prior to going, I’d researched online, contacted their marketing manager, Brina, and mentally prepped myself for the weigh-in.

YES. There’s a weigh-in. You have to make a 250-pound weight limit to be able to fly. (Have I mentioned I’ve skipped my Weight-Watcher meetings for the last 2 months?) Now, to be fair, I’m nowhere near 250. But I’m 40 pounds heavier than I was 4 years ago. That’s a lot of extra weight to be carrying around. (Physically and mentally) God BLESS Ryan, their operations manager, who was so sweet and kind dealing with my neuroses about this. It was really bad that day. At one point I said, “Just do whatever you need to do to make me look thin.” He said, “I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that yourself.”

And at that point, I wanted to marry him.

The next 30 minutes were basic instructions on how to handle the “landing.” You know, simple things like “flags up = use your breaks”, “flags flailing = SLOW THE F**K DOWN” and “flags down = release breaks, legs out.” I’m gonna be real honest here and say these instructions scared the SHIT out of me. I know there were only 3. But that was 3 too many. I thought you just sat down, slide down a mountain, and landed. I didn’t know there was coordination and learning and shit.

Anyway…’s the video. My nerves got the best of me on the first one. The last 3 were a little better. (only 2 are on the video as the tape ran out!)

All in all, it was crazy exhilarating. Thank you SO MUCH to the entire staff of Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon. Brina, congrats on finding what you truly love and helping me make this happen! Mercedes- you are spunky and sarcastic- never change. Andrew- for the love of GOD please share your talents with the world; and remember, “the world is your shuttle-bus.” Ashley, you are super cool and take amazing pictures. You also make me miss all the hot hobo dudes in Portland. And Ryan, thanks for your patience, professionalism, and treating me like a lady. See you guys on a sunset flight!

And….here’s some more pics from my trip.

Me, at the top

With Ryan.

That’s $988.80 on a PENNY SLOT!!!

Notice the holiday band in the background?  Me neither.

Kind of sad when everything you love in life is summed up in one elevator at the Four Queens.

This made my heart happy. Didn’t even go to sleep the last night just to see the sunrise in Red Rock Canyon at 6am. Totally worth it.

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Dean says:

    Possible birthday idea (for me or the daughter)!

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