Adam Lambert Interview!!

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to interview Adam Lambert- again.

It came out of nowhere and was very last minute, as he had an appearance at Google and was only in the Bay Area 24 hours. He was doing radio the following morning, and we were the only ones granted on-camera access that night. It was amazing. Adam is one of those people who’s energy is so infectious, you wish you could bottle it up and take it around with you daily. He is so passionate about life. Incredibly gifted, down to earth, funny, and just good people. We would all marry him if we could!

In the interview, we discussed his new album, “Trespassing”, relationships, juicing, and his future plans. Also….if you’re confused with my “tunic” comment at the end, I’d mentioned to him off-camera that I was self-conscious about my weight, and my life has basically turned into “a giant tunic top.” He laughed and I said, “life is a tunic!” and somehow, he remembered that and quoted it at the end of the interview. Enjoy!




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7 Responses to Adam Lambert Interview!!

  1. RockerGirl says:

    Sandy, I thought this was one of the most conversational and just “hanging out” type interviews I have heard lately. LOVED it! How cute was the part where he talked about him and Sauli thinking about “are they getting boring”…

    So much to smile about in this interview. Can’t wait for the album to come out.

    • Sandy Stec says:

      Awww!! That’s exactly how it felt like. I don’t want to be an “interviewer.” I want to sit down and get to know someone as a friend. Adam makes it incredibly easy because he is down to earth, kind, funny, and always open and honest. If only all people were like this! Thanks for watching. :o )

  2. Lily says:

    Thank you for a wonderful interview with fresh questions !

  3. sparkles says:

    great interview, Sandy! Where’s the link to the interview you’d had previously with Adam? I knew I’d seen you interview him before! Thanks so much!

  4. Sandy Stec says:

    Thanks a bunch! He’s a great person and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity.

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